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Get lots of applications with a good vacancy text

good vacancy

It is very important to write an original vacancy text that is striking, creative and clear. So that you enthuse every potential applicant and don’t let any talent run wild.

The vast majority of online vacancies consist of large pieces of text full of requirements, often including long, monotonous job descriptions. Not very attractive, is it?

-Wondering how to write an original vacancy text that is also attractive to the applicant?-

-Yes, absolutely right!-

Because it turns out that it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Simply follow the undertaking steps, and before you know it, the applications roll into your inbox ­čśŐ. And who knows, there might be the one golden applicant who can get to work straight away.

Today we share all the secrets that will ensure that your vacancy attracts more ambitious talent than the competition.

Take the right approach

A vacancy text triggers candidates to apply for the position. As a company, you make the step from a function profile to a vacancy text. Think of the vacancy text as a product description. You want to sell the product (read: the vacancy) in such a way that a suitable candidate becomes enthusiastic about the product and buys the product (read: apply).

How does someone become enthusiastic via text?

1. BE CLEAR, CONCRETE AND CONSISTENT. Be clear about what you expect from a candidate and give him/her certainty about various aspects relating to the job. For example:

  • What tasks will the candidate perform?
  • What will the candidate earn and what fringe benefits are associated with the position?
  • What are the expectations with regard to the application period, the process and where the candidate can go for any questions?

2. BE BRIEF AND CONCISE. Very practical: alternate brief enumerations with short pieces of text and do not draw up an endless list of all the tasks that the candidate will have to perform and all the requirements that he or she has to meet, but give the most important (four) points.

3. BE FLEXIBLE. SUPPORTING FUNCTION REQUIREMENTS may lead candidates to believe that they do not fit into the strict framework. However, if you are looking for a specific profile, try to steer it indirectly by, for example, adapting the writing style of the vacancy text.

4. BE HONEST. Very simple: don’t promise things the company can’t deliver. You want to trigger and persuade a sales topper to apply, but also keep in mind that an unrealistic image can lead to a mismatch between the potential employee and the company.

5. BE CREATIVE: This sounds like an open door, but avoid clich├ęs such as ‘no 9 to 5 mentality’ and a ‘dynamic’ culture. Be creative in your headings and think beyond the standard ‘job description’ and ‘job requirements’ headings. Companies also need to distinguish themselves in order to get the best candidates.

Tips for writing a vacancy text

The five W’s. Make sure you include the who, what, where, why and when question in your vacancy text. This is, as it were, the core of your vacancy text.

1. WHO: what kind of person are you looking for, what should someone meet and what kind of personality matches best?

2. WHAT: what does the job entail, what kind of work does a person have to do and what requirements does a person have to meet?

3. WHERE: where does the person go to work: hospital, private practice, group practice,…?

4. WHY: why does someone desire to work for your company, what challenges can you offer the podiatrists/sales professional that makes the company so interesting?

5. WHEN: when does the job start and what are the working hours and workload?

What should not be missing from a vacancy text?

A GENERAL TITLE: A good vacancy text starts with an appealing, clear title. Just like the titles in Google, this should be a ‘trigger’, the title should awaken attention, generate a click. A potential candidate cannot feel addressed by using the wrong job title.

STRUCTURE IN THE TEXT: The basis of a good vacancy text is that it is easy to read. Readability starts with the structure of a text. Items that must in any case be reflected in a vacancy text:

– Job description;

– Job requirements;

– What do you have to offer as an employer?

– Brief description of the company. These main lines of approach provide a solid foundation for the structure. In addition, it is good to use short, powerful sentences. The use of white lines also stimulates the reader, as it keeps the text light-hearted. Interheadings, short paragraphs and a logical structure also make for a good vacancy text.

TARGET AUDIENCE: You can only trigger a candidate when you know what he or she is looking for. Not only for what position, but also for what kind of employer. If you know specifically what the candidate is looking for, you can respond smartly. An example of this is communicating the Unique Selling Positions (USP) that actually stimulates the candidate.

Drawing up a job profile gives good insights into what kind of candidate you are looking for. If you have that in mind, you can write a recruiting vacancy text, aimed at the intended candidate.

PERSONAL TOUCH: One of the biggest clich├ęs in writing texts, but it works. Keep it personal. Write as little as possible from the third person and keep the text exciting and active. Talk to the reader with you instead of the candidate.